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  • How We Make A Difference.

    Cybersight® harnesses the power of technology and the strength of our volunteer faculty community to mitigate the significant shortage of ophthalmic professionals by magnifying the efforts of a few experts to support hundreds of workers around the world.

    80% of all visual impairment can be avoided or cured

  • Without Cybersight in this moment I would be a different doctor and the life of my patients would be different.”

    Dr. Cioplean

    To unite a global community of eye health professionals with opportunities for discovery, connection and innovation.

    Cybersight® is a telehealth and education program focused on increasing the capacity of human resources in eye health through expert mentoring, patient care collaboration and mobile learning. We integrate these 3 principles across one platform to help empower individuals and strengthen health systems across the globe.

    Practicing clinicians and allied health professionals in low resource settings. Cybersight provides a space where individuals, societies, organizations and training institutions can meet to share their materials and expertise for the benefit of the community worldwide.

    We envision a future where Cybersight is the health education model that revolutionizes public health practice in capacity building for human resources for heath initiatives worldwide.





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